If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen much new content from me lately, it’s because here in Victoria and on Vancouver Island, we are fast approaching music festival season! First up, from June 26-28th, is the Tall Tree Music Festival in Port Renfrew. As some of you may already know, I work for Tall Tree as their photography coordinator. I’ve been attending and photographing the festival since 2010. My first time at Tall Tree was also it’s inaugural year, and happened to be around the time that I was taking my first steps into live music photography. A big part of why I stuck with photographing live music was because I had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of shooting with a media pass in a laid-back, friendly festival environment.

The first-ever Tall Tree in 2010, with it’s current location, Brown’s Mountain in the background.

By the time the following June rolled around, I was ready for another Tall Tree adventure, camera in hand. I shot the festival for my own portfolio from the crowd and ended up submitting some of my photos to the organizers of the festival. In 2012 and 2013 had the opportunity to shoot the festival with a media pass.

Jets Overhead, Tall Tree 2011

The crowd during The Pack A.D., Tall Tree 2012


Sweatshop Union, Tall Tree 2013

In 2014 I came on board as the Tall Tree Music Festival Society’s photography coordinator. Not only am I responsible for all things photography related for Tall Tree, but I also work for their winter festival, Song & Surf. When March rolls around, it’s time to put things in motion to get a photography team together. Once the photography applications start rolling in, you’d be hard pressed to find me anywhere but my computer. This year was definitely the biggest by far in terms of applications received, soaring from a modest ten applicants last year to over fifty this year. With only ten spaces on the team to fill, myself included, it was no easy task narrowing it down. Once we select our photo team, then its onto scheduling everyone throughout the weekend so every aspect of the festival gets to shine in photographic form. When you throw in a handful of pre-festival events such as the crew party, launch party and last weekend’s pre-party I’m one busy gal!


The crowd at the Valley Stage, Tall Tree 2014


Longwalkshortdock, Tall Tree 2014

To add to my already full plate, however, I’ll be doing a series of “Tall Tree Countdown” posts leading up to the festival. I’ll cover how I pack for Tall Tree, from campsite decorations to my camera bag. I’ll also be posting about the do’s and don’ts of Tall Tree, and what I’ve learned (the hard way or otherwise!) from attending, and camping at the festival since 2010.


Tall Tree Do’s and Don’ts – Five years tips in one neat little blog post!

What’s In My Bag? – How to pack for a camping music festival (with camera gear!)

and a bonus makeup related post

Festival Makeup Ideas – Leave the regular makeup at home and bring on the face paint and glitter!


Those of you attending Tall Tree this year, who are you most excited to see? What’s your favourite part of the Tall Tree experience? Leave a comment below!