This kicks off my first blog post for Rifflandia this year! Last night I wasn’t scheduled to shoot anything specific for the Rifflandia photo team, so I took that opportunity to head out for the night with little to no plan of where to go. It sounded like most of my festival going friends were headed off to Phillips Brewery first so Tyson and I opted to head down there to check things out.



Tyson taking advantage of the relatively short drink ticket lineup at Phillips to stock up for the weekend.



After meeting up with some friends at Phillips for a few drinks, we ran next door to the Anian Surfboards venue for a little while. One of my favourite things about the night stages at Rifflandia is being able to run around from venue to venue checking out all the different shows and genres of music. Anian is a new venue this year, and it’s up there as one of my favourites now!


Back at Phillips Brewery in the media pit.

The lineups last night at the venues I had a chance to visit were relatively non-exsistent, so we were able to go back to Phillips in time to watch Danny Brown. I had no idea what to expect going into his set. I crammed into the media pit with 20-30 other photographers, waiting for the mayhem to begin.



Danny Brown’s set was the final one of the night at Phillips, so after hanging out and polishing off our beers, it was back to Anian again to see Willhorse.



After Anian I opted to head home and get some sleep to rest up for the big weekend ahead!  Those of you who were at Rifflandia last night, what venues did you check out?