Remember how I said I was going to blog daily throughout Rifflandia? Well, between running around to various venues at night and having midnight deadlines for photos posted to the official Rifflandia photo album, sleep took the place of blogging. I was also unfortunately not able to attend anything at Rifflandia on Friday, which was a (sad) first for me. So that being said, this “late” post brings me to day three of Rifflandia!

My first course of action on Saturday was coffee, and then I was off to Camera Traders. I wanted to try something a little different and better than my current setup, so I rented the Canon 5D Mark III. I’m all of the “it’s not the camera you have, it’s how you use it” camp, but getting the chance to try my hand with the Mark III was pretty damn fun.


I packed up my gear and arrived at Royal Athletic park in time to mingle with my fellow “photografriends” before Head of the Herd‘s set.



Head of the Herd



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After Head of the Herd’s set I had a couple of hours before I was on-duty for the Rifflandia photo team. I spent that time checking out the festival grounds and hanging out with friends.







I still had a little time left before I was supposed to start shooting at the Rifftop tent in the park, so I popped into the pit at main stage to catch Le Butcherettes and Airborne Toxic Event.


Le Butcherettes


0N9A9601 copy

Airborne Toxic Event


0N9A9612 copy

By this point it was time to head over to the Rifftop tent to shoot for my shift, which meant I got the chance to shoot the Dum Dum Girls and Rusko.


Dum Dum Girls



Things getting wild for Rusko’s set



More front-row excitement!


With my responsibilities for the photo team now fulfilled, it was time to grab a nice cold Rifflandibrau and head to the main stage.



The New Pornographers




After The New Pornographer’s set, Tyson and I opted to run home briefly. We’re lucky enough to live a few blocks from the park, so in order to facilitate a smooth transition from the park, to dinner, to the night venues, we popped home right before Death Cab’s set to change and drop some of my extra camera gear off. I’m pretty impressed that we pulled it off with excellent timing. I was able to dump my memory cards, charge my batteries, both of us changed into “night time clothes” and made it back to Royal Athletic minutes before Death Cab’s set.


Death Cab for Cutie







Being able to shoot Death Cab was pretty amazing. Similar to my experience with shooting other bands I really love, it never really hits me just how exciting it is, and just how lucky I am that I get the chance to do this until its happening. The pit was total chaos, those first two songs are an absolute blur. There were so many photographers crammed in there, everyone trying to get their shot, all the while trying to stay out of each other’s way and give our fellow photographers a chance to get “the” shot. I’m always so thankful that the photography community here in Victoria is just so damn friendly and so welcoming. Watching Death Cab was pretty magical to start with, add to that the fact that this was Chris Walla’s last show with Death Cab, and the icing on the cake: a meteor streaking across the sky right over the stage! With a wonderful and hectic day coming to a close at the park, it was time to get a good meal in my stomach. Thanks to “wristbandia” certain businesses around town offer discounts over the course of Rifflandia. I think Smith’s Pub takes the cake, 50% off food when you buy a drink, so that’s where we headed. Once we’d wrapped up a late dinner we headed to Market Square for a bit to check things out and so I could snap a few photos.






The rest of my night consisted of brief visits to the Event Centre, an attempt at going to Anian, which was at capacity, and finally finishing my night off just before midnight at the Copper Owl. The fun doesn’t end just because you’ve gone home though, I still had to edit my photos which I was assigned to shoot and make sure they were posted before going to bed. I finally hit the hay around 3:00am, hoping to get as much sleep as I could before heading to the park the next day at noon.




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Stay tuned for my final Rifflandia post!