Day four! The last day of Rifflandia, or any festival for that matter, is always bittersweet. By this point I’m tired and ready to relax and sleep, but at the same time, I don’t want the festival to be over. All things considered, I had a pretty quiet day at the park on Sunday. I didn’t shoot too much, and I spent more time checking out the festival grounds and hanging out with friends than I had the previous days. The first band I shot on Sunday was Dear Rouge. I’d had the opportunity to shoot them at the Tall Tree Music Festival a couple of years ago so I knew to expect an awesome set from those guys. 0N9A0307 copy 0N9A0316 copy 0N9A0319 copy 0N9A0339 0N9A0356 copy 0N9A0374 copy After wandering the festival grounds and grabbing some food I headed back to the main stage to catch Son Real‘s set. This also wasn’t my first time photographing Son Real. Previously I’d seen him at the Phillips Backyard Weekender last year and at the Tall Tree Music Festival this year. 0N9A9502 copy 0N9A9485 copy 0N9A0592 copy 0N9A0226 copy 0N9A0228 copy 0N9A0595 copy 0N9A0569 copy 0N9A0548 copy 0N9A0518 copy By this point, honestly, I was struggling to stay awake and find some energy. As much as I didn’t want to miss Girl Talk, I decided that after the Funk Hunters‘ set, I’d head home for dinner and to sleep since I wasn’t scheduled to shoot anything at that point in the day. To be honest, I’m kicking myself a little that I didn’t stick around to catch Girl Talk, but damn, laying down on my bed felt good and was much needed (plus I had to edit my photos from earlier in the day to submit to the official Rifflandia album!)

0N9A0696 copy

The Funk Hunters0N9A0704 copy 0N9A0672 copy 0N9A0718 copy 0N9A0746 copy

And with that, I headed home and had a nap for a few hours, got up, edited my photos and went back to sleep. That wraps up my Rifflandia for this year! I hope everyone who attended this year had an amazing weekend too, and those of you who didn’t I hope my photos gave you a good look inside the festival.

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I’ll be going through festival withdrawals over the next few months, so expect to see posts soon with lots of photos from the Tall Tree Music Festival and Rock the Shores!