I’m kicking off my lifestyle blog with some festival prep!

This weekend I’ll be hanging out at Rock the Shores snapping some photos as part of the official photo team. Aside from the obvious photo gear, I’ll be packing up my little rucksack for a weekend of fun.

While you’re getting all ready for Rock the Shores, don’t forget to get your free download of my handy little festival schedule lock screen wallpaper, in my previous post here!

Onto the goods!


The Bag

I picked up this little beauty last year halfway through festival season. As wonderfully functional as my Lowepro camera backpack is, let’s be honest, it’s just not as cute and stylish as this pleather American Eagle rucksack. I’m still able to fit all my necessary camera gear safely in this bag with the help of a lens case for some padding. (Plus my rain cover from the Lowepro fits nicely if the weather takes a turn!)

Fitness Tracker

Ever wondered how much walking you do at a multi-day festival? Me too, so I picked up this cheap-o fitness tracker off Amazon to try out this summer. We’ll see just how much walking I do! I prefer to throw this in my backpack instead of wearing it, as I find it a little bulky on my wrist.

Cell Phone

This one is a given, and it also doubles as my wallet with my Otterbox wallet case. I also have my handy Rock the Shores schedule wallpaper as my lock screen. You can download one for yourself for free in my previous post here!

Watch & Charm Bracelet

While not necessarily “in my bag” per se, I like to add a little sparkle with my Mickey Mouse watch and Pandora bracelet.


A great place to stash beer tickets and some cash.

Canon Canonet 28

I received this adorable little camera as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend a few years back as a decorative addition to my camera collection. We had assumed it didn’t work, but as it turned out, it did!


These are so important whether you’re just enjoying the festival, or you’re hanging out in the media pit all weekend like myself. I love these kind since they’re reusable, you can clean them (a little rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab does the trick)., And the best part? I can still carry on a conversation when I’m wearing them.

Cooling Towel(s)

After scouring a few different “what to pack” blog posts prior to my Disneyland trip this past May, I kept seeing people recommending these “Chilly Pad” cooling towels. I ended up ordering one just in time for our trip, and these things definitely do the trick! It saved me a few times when it got really hot out, plus I like that it won’t drip all over my camera or try to take my sunscreen with it.

Rain Jacket

Anyone who’s experienced festival season in Victoria, knows that the weather can be totally unpredictable. I picked up this rain shell just in time for festival season, and it’s perfect! It’s nice and lightweight and folds up quite small so it doesn’t take up valuable backpack real estate.


Nothing fancy here, just some good ‘ol $6.99 shades from the H&M men’s section.

Collapsible Water Bottle

I picked this up at the dollar store a few years back and it’s been so useful. Most festivals don’t allow outside liquids of any kind, so I keep this packed this in my backpack since it doesn’t take up much space and I can stay hydrated all day. (Plus I don’t have to worry about packing around the added weight of a full bottle of water.)

The Other Stuff

Sunscreen will be a must for this pasty gal this weekend, and I always keep the “essentials” like allergy meds, painkillers, and my mini makeup kit in this adorable Disney Tsum Tsum bag (can we tell I did a little bit of shopping when I visited Disneyland in May?)

I also like to keep these things handy as well:

  • Snacks
  • Hat
  • Sweater, flannel or hoodie for those cooler nights.

The Camera Gear

Canon 5D Mkii

My go-to!

Canon T2i

The backup

100mm 2.0

My go-to lens.


50mm 1.4

28mm 1.8

Plus all the little “extras” like memory cards, batteries, etc.

Towel & Rain Cover

Again, with the rain. I don’t like to take any chances should the skies open up.


This makes for some neat effects in camera.

And that’s it! It may seem like a lot of stuff to tote around, but everything fits quite comfortably in my bag and doesn’t weigh me down (save for the camera gear!).

What’s the one must-have item in your bag when you head to a festival? Let me know in the comments below!